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Laser Hair Removal

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0498 25 15 42
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0498 25 15 42
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Louis Melsensstraat 3
3000 Leuven

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Vicky Poelmans Laser Hair Removal

Contact us

Contact Vicky Poelmans Laser Hair Removal

Contact us for any questions or appointments

Regarding appointments, contacting us by phone (0498 25 15 42) is recommended. During a laser treatment we unfortunately cannot answer your call. Don't hesitate to leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We work in Leuven with Beautiful Nails by Linde where we have a permanent and separate treatment room available.

L. Melsensstraat 3
3000 Leuven

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Accredited laser practitioner

We are accredited by the Belgian Beauty Federation and have also completed training on laser hair removal.

Easy to reach

Conveniently located in downtown Leuven between Bondgenotenlaan and Diestsestraat.

Inhouse medical laser

Not a rented laser but an in-house medical laser to perform laser hair removal perfectly.

Medically trained

Certified nurse with extensive medical background in various (university) hospitals.

Parking options

There are several parking lots just a few minutes' walk :

as well as 4 Shop & Go places in the street itself (45 min max).

Frequently Asked Questions

We've created a compilation of frequently asked questions about permanent laser hair removal. That way you can make informed decisions about laser hair removal. Read more in our FAQ

By appointment

We work by appointment only, so we can concentrate fully on you and your treatment.


Definitely do not hesitate to contact us

We are happy to answer your questions without obligation.